• Quotation Price in INR
  • Offer Price Valid till 3 days from quotation date.
  • Purchase Order Name of Modi SoftTech Consultant India Pvt Ltd.
  • GST Tax Extra: Applicable as per actual (18%) (CGST 9% SGST 9% within Same States Billing, Interstate Billing 18% IGST.)
  • Any changes in govt. duties, Local taxes, LBT, and forex rate at the time of invoice, shall be payable by the consignee.
  • Payment: 100 % advance: Cheque / DD/ NEFT / RTGS. In Name of Modi SoftTech Consultant India Pvt Ltd.
  • Delivery: Once the payment is credited to our bank account. We shall submit the Permanent License key, till that time we will give a one-time 30-day Trail Working License Delivery immediately after receiving the Purchase Order condition apply*
  • Access to Permanent license delivery on the portal after completing document work in 3-4 working weeks.
  • Please send the order Acknowledgement to process the order.
  • Perpetual License AMC 1-year Renewal @ cost, 20% on the based Unit price
  • Perpetual License with Free upgrades/updates/Technical support for only the AMC period
  • Subscription/term License support, valid till the date of your purchase order contract.
  • Subject to Rajkot Judiciaries.


TDS DEDUCTION IS NOT APPLICABLE ON THIS BILL. Declaration pursuant to Income Tax (IT) Notification No.21/2012 {F.No.142/10/2012-SO (TPL)} S.O.1323 (E) dated 13.06.2012: This is a resale of software without any modification, tax has already been deducted under section 195 on payments made to Non-resident with respect to this software and we declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct.